GCT is working to provide the community with an artistic outlet and entertainment!

Mission statement

Enriching our community through quality live theatre, with the dual mission of offering on and off stage theatrical opportunities to people of all ages.


President: Erin Jespersen

Vice President: Victoria Schmick

Secretary: Marci Shaver

Treasurer: Callie Allred

Public Relations: Chris Quillen

Fundraising Chair: Carolyn McBurney


Goshen Community Theatre began when a group of people who love theatre got together and started brain-storming and tossing around ideas for a non-profit organization. Developing a plan of action, forming a board of directors, raising funds, writing up a set of by-laws, filing the required paperwork and creating a mission statement was just the beginning. Successfully producing a number of plays and musicals as well as sponsoring a Children’s Theatre Workshop is the culmination of the hard work of these early volunteers and supporters. Twenty years later we continue to fulfill our mission statement! 

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